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Phonics Buddies – The Founder

Who am I?

As an Early Years qualified teacher I have spent over ten years in schools as a classroom teacher and later as a Senior Manager. As well as training in the Early Years and classroom teaching across key stages, I have provided specialist literacy teaching, assessment, and consultancy from Primary through to Secondary. This has granted me a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting children with their literacy development.

Where do I work now?

I currently work privately, as well as being a Specialist Literacy Teacher for a London Local Authority providing teaching, assessment and consultancy services. I am qualified to diagnose Dyslexia and identify other literacy difficulties, plan intervention programmes and carry out whole school training to support student’s literacy needs.

How can I support you?

​What does all of the above actually mean? Well, it means that I have a passion for supporting children with their literacy development, which starts here, at the beginning of the journey with Phonics Buddies!

At Phonics Buddies the session are as informative for parents as they are fun for children. You get to learn techniques and access resources that will support your child’s learning in the Early Years, Key stage One and beyond. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and check any concerns you may have with a qualified Specialist Literacy teacher. Sounds great doesn’t it? Phonics Buddies offers so much more than just a weekly group!


Antoinette Lindesay

AMBDA ATS (BDA), APC (BDA), PG Dip (SpLD), PGCE Primary, BA (Hons) Education & Psychology