Antoinette has worked with our son for the past two years, the impact of Antoinette's intervention methods can be seen both academically and emotionally. Through various stratergies and methods our son has gained more confidence in his writing and reading. 

Antoinette's professionalism has always put us at ease that he was in great hands, we recieve feedback, timely reports and weekly aftercare follow up work.

Thanks to the lockdown process I was able to witness Antoinette in action via Skype and the whole process was enlightening, our son was fully engaged and supported the entire time and it was a pleasure to see. 

We cannot thank Antoinette enough for her work with our Son; he would without a doubt not be where he is without her help and guidance. 

Rachel Cook, Parent

Antoinette worked with two of our children and I have had the opportunity to see her in action with these two boys. She is always very well prepared, resourced and set up, ready to receive the boys for their learning. She ensured they work to the best of their ability, at all times.  Antoinette ensured she kept me up to date with their progress as well as any further learning tasks they had to work on while back in class. 

During lockdown, she went above and beyond expectations and arranged individual virtual lessons with each of the boys and their parents. This shows how dedicated she is to her students and how much she wants them to succeed and get the best out of life.  

The boys made good progress with their literacy skills while working with her. 

Thank you for all your hard work Antoinette

Tania Ferendinos, Assistant Headteacher

Antoinette gave specialist support to my son for three years from when he was in year 3 until year 6 of primary school. 

When Freddy started with Antoinette his reading and writing were at least two years behind his peers and his self-confidence was very low.

Antoinette used her expert knowledge of dyslexia to assess Freddy and target his areas of weakness. She was always kind and patient and they enjoyed a good working relationship. She was able to keep his attention focussed by using different games and exercises and pushed him just the right amount so that he made progress but did not feel over whelmed. Freddy’s reading and writing skills improved dramatically over the time she worked with him.

Antoinette also worked with the class teacher, the teaching assistants and during lockdown with me, as Fred’s Mum. She also contributed to EHCP reviews.

I cannot speak highly enough of her expertise and caring manner

Lucy Ragan, Parent