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If you are a nursery that would like to directly book Phonics Buddies sessions (payments directly from nursery), please 

contact us for separate terms and conditions.

By booking your child at Phonics Buddies you agree to accept these terms and conditions.

Venue 28

By enrolling in Phonics Buddies you are agreeing to take full responsibility for the safety and behaviour of your child throughout the class and whilst arriving and leaving the sessions. We ask that you supervise your child closely throughout sessions. Children gain more from sessions if they are supported and encouraged. Please refrain from browsing your mobile phone and chatting to other parents until the end of the class. Food and drink should not be consumed during sessions except for water/milk.

All our sessions are created to be fun, high energy and educational. We use props throughout the class which will require supervision. Phonics Buddies does not assume liability for the health and safety of your child.

No place at Phonics Buddies is guaranteed until payment for the term fees are received. Fees are paid via the online booking system.


By enrolling your child in Phonics Buddies nursery sessions you are agreeing for your child's nursery to take full responsibility for the safety and behaviour of your child throughout the sessions. All nursery sessions take place within the nursery setting where the manager will ensure that children are adequately supervised with the correct adult to child ratio. We use age appropriate props throughout nursery sessions, the manager of the nursery/supervising staff are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of your child during sessions. 


Venue 28
For payment made in full for a term of sessions, Phonics  Buddies will refund the term price (minus the first session) if an email requesting cancellation is sent within 7 days of attending the first session. If you decide, after this period, that you no longer wish your child to attend we will not give refunds or credits. However, you may offer your place to a friend as a gift provided you inform the session leader.


All nursery sessions are paid on a monthly basis, unfortunately refunds cannot be issued for these payments, however future payments can be cancelled at any point.


Holiday and Sickness for Venue 28 and Nurseries
Regrettably we cannot offer discounts or refunds to cover your booked holidays or periods of illness, due to the need to ensure continuity of service. 


Cancellation Venue 28
If a class is cancelled by Phonics Buddies a full refund will be given. If due to unforeseen circumstances sessions are cancelled at short notice you will be notified by text and email.


Cancellation Nurseries

If a class is cancelled by Phonics Buddies an alternative date will be offered to ensure the correct number of sessions are provided - minimum of four sessions per month. A missed session may be rescheduled to a following month if necessary, meaning that five sessions may be taught in that month to account for the missed session   If a class is cancelled by your child's nursey unfortunately, a refund will not be given.

Refunds will not be issued during planned nursery closure periods. However rest assured, that any unforeseen periods of nursery closure will be fully refunded


Photography - Venue 28
Photos and videos are not permitted to be taken during the sessions.


Photography - Nurseries

Phonic Buddies will comply with your child's nursery policy

Bad Weather - Venue 28
Phonics Buddies will endeavour to run sessions during bad weather e.g. snow / ice. However, should we need to cancel due to safety concerns we will notify you via email and text message.


Loss/Damage - Venue 28/ Nurseries
Phonics Buddies cannot accept any responsibility for loss/damage of personal possessions during or after our sessions.

Venue 28 hosting Phonics Buddies has full Public Liability Insurance

Phonics Buddies will come under nursery policy for any loss or damage during sessions

Phonics Buddies sessions are led by a Specialist Literacy Teacher with an enhanced DBS