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LDS presents Phonics Buddies

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What we teach at Phonics Buddies

Phonological Awareness

Hearing and playing with sounds

At Phonics Buddies we recognise that phonological awareness is the underlying skill for phonics. So what is it? Phonological awareness is the ability to identify and manipulate sounds in words. At Phonics Buddies we provide opportunities for children to play with sounds within words, take them away, add them in - all to make new and exciting words. Playing with syllables and breaking words into sounds through dance, play and movement is all part of the fun!

When your child starts school they will follow a daily programme of phonics, however research has shown that children who receive phonological awareness training are better able to use phonics as an effective strategy for reading and spelling. 


Letter recognition and formation

Linking letter sounds to their name and shape & developing fine motor skills to form letters

At Phonics Buddies we understand that the main building blocks for letter recognition and formation is to be able to identify upper and lower case letters and be able to have fun while forming them! Too many children are labelled as 'reluctant writers' because their introduction to writing was not embedded in play that developed fine motor skills and promoted a love for mark making. 

​At phonic Buddies we will support your child to recognise letters through letter hunts, shape recognition and much more. As developing your child's fine motor skills is fundamental to letter formation, we provide opportunities for tracing, pattern making and forming letters using playdough and other exciting activities!


Oral language

Building vocabulary

At Phonics Buddies your child will engage with storytelling, rhyming activities, songs and much more to develop their oral language skills.

Language and literacy develop concurrently, which means they influence each other. Listening and talking contributes to your child's ability to read and write, reading and writing in different genres supports your child's language development.



Hosted in the stunning Venue 28, facilities include:

Changing rooms, secure buggy area, bright and cheerful surroundings!

Venue 28 is also in the same complex as Beckenham library and The Spa. Why not make it a fun packed morning by co-ordinating your Phonics Buddies session with a trip to the library to explore some books, maybe grab a coffee while your little one burns off some energy at Buzz Zone (The Spa’s soft play facility) or even book a swimming lesson after the session!