Services & Rates

Dyslexia Screener

Available for Schools/Parents £295

In contrast to many on-screen assessment tools, the Dyslexia Screener used by LSD is not an on-screen tool but instead an individualised assessment carried out by a Specialist Assessor. A report is provided that can be used to make recommendations for teaching. Ideal for children whose performance in literacy is causing concern. A personalised programme of support can also be added (see below) to ensure the recommendations are implemented effectively.

Diagnostic Assessment

Available for Schools/Parents £495

A diagnostic assessment that formally identifies Dyslexia. Unlike the Dyslexia Screener, the full diagnostic assessment provides a more in-depth analysis of a child's cognitive profile as well as strengths and weaknesses. A Personalised Literacy Programme (PLP) of support can also be added (see below) to ensure the recommendations are implemented effectively. This report can also be used for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) to apply for funded support.

Personalised Literacy Programme (PLP)

Schools only £395

A PLP can be created once a Dyslexia Screener or Diagnostic Assessment has been completed, or as a stand alone package of support. Informative assessments are carried and a Personalised Literacy Programme is created that can be used by SENCOs, teachers and support staff to target specific areas of learning.

Personalised Literacy Programme (PLP) with Training

Schools only £1,290

This is a course consisting of three afternoon sessions for up to two members of staff and one student. The aim is to learn how to plan and deliver lessons using a Personalised Literacy Programme (PLP). Multisensory, cumulative and reflective approaches for supporting students with literacy difficulties will be shared and demonstrated. In discussion with the consultant, the school will choose a student who will be assessed to create a PLP. The consultant will then model the planning, delivery and approaches needed to create a personalised intervention.